Kevin Ta

UBC B.ASc. Mechanical Engineering | Mechatronics Specialization
ETHZ M.Sc. Robotics, Systems, and Control

I am a robotics engineer completing a Master of Science in Robotics, Systems, and Control at ETH Z├╝rich in Switzerland. Check out my technical experiences, past research, and projects!

I am keenly interested in autonomous driving, machine perception, and robust deployment of robots in the real world. My research has focused on improving human-robot co-control with smart wheelchair technologies, accurate calibration of radars, lidars, RGB cameras, and event cameras to enable perception in adverse conditions, and the development of uncertainty-aware sensor fusion methods for neural-implicit SLAM.

My past experiences include accurate calibration of perception sensors (ToF lidars, LWIR cameras, RGB cameras) at Cruise, global environmental and hardware reliability modelling at Schneider Electric, and safety-critical development of biomedical devices. Safety and robustness remain my highest priority.

Former captain of the UBC Supermileage Team, designing vehicles in the pursuit of efficiency. I am conscious of the impact we have on the planet and am focused on building towards greener and more accessible technologies.

Climber, amateur routesetter, and board game enthusiast.